Last night my mom stayed at our house with the kids, and Greg and I went out to celebrate our seventh anniversary. We don't go out on as many dates as we should. The good thing about that is, when we do, it's a special occasion to be enjoyed.

We had a wonderful time – eating dinner, watching a movie, and listening to some blues – and we learned a few things:

1. Find and support people who are following their passion and you will be rewarded.

We had dinner at the Farmers GastroPub. They serve locally sourced food, prepared masterfully. There passion for what they do was evident in their food, the ambience, the servers, and the guests. We were involved in something that was someone's dream, and we knew it.

After dinner we went to a movie at the Moxie – a theater that operates as a not for profit to bring first run and foreign films that the big theaters would never show. You can read more of their story here. Walking in you feel like you are a part of something special. The theater's are small and intimate and the movies are introduced by one of the staff so you get a different feel than at the big impersonal theaters. Don't get me wrong, I love a big entertaining block buster now and then, but I really love a movie with a story and that's what the Moxie seems to specialize in.

2. Change, in any case, almost always makes one nostalgic.

We decided to watch a film called, “Mud”. As the film was being introduced (by a live human being :)) the gentleman informed us that we were, in all likelihood, about to watch our very last film on 35mm. Only a few independent movie houses in the country still run 35mm and they are converting over to digital, including the Moxie. He explained that it was different than media changes in, for example, music because 35mm would no longer be made, at all. The film's degrade as well, so apart from preservation efforts, soon will come the day when we will no longer watch 35mm except in museums.

So knowing this, when the movie started and there were a few scratches viewable, it was nostalgic. We watched it wobble a bit with text on the screen, and realized that we hadn't seen a 35mm film in a long time having been frequenting the big movie theaters. The end of an era. And it felt sad.

I think change is sad because it is such a stark indicator of the passing of time. A sure sign of progress. And while the world will continue, hopefully for a very long time, we are so very finite. These changes are small signs that the world is not what it once was and we are all marching forward. It's ok to be sad, for a moment, but not for good.

3. Time spent really engaged with someone you love is magical. For example:

My whole evening.

I just love Greg. I love his smile, his humor, the way he loves me. I love his amazing musical talent, the love he has for our children. I love his patience – with the kids and with me…

We spent the evening recalling our favorite moments over the last seven years. We marveled over how quickly we married (11weeks from meeting:) and how much we packed into the past seven years. We remembered family who had passed. We recalled the birth of both kids and talked in depth about their unique personalities and antics. We dreamed a bit about our future and the different opportunities that may await us, and we laughed. We held hands as we walked out of the movie theater, we giggled at the coffee shop, we enjoyed some blues at a local bar. We enjoyed one another's company and there is nothing better than that.


So, I would encourage you to find some local establishments that people are pouring their heart and soul into and support them – you will have a great evening and feel better for it.

Settle into changes. Change happens and sometimes it can make us sad for days gone by. But we are progressing just as we are meant to progress. We can either hold so tightly to the past that we forfeit the today or we can delight in the changes around us and adapt to the new. Change will continue in either case.

And finally – cherish and love the people that God has blessed you with. Life can be so stressful and we can let the enemy called busy take over to the point that we no longer 'see' one another. Remember to slow down, take a walk, and laugh together.

If you are having, have had, or will have some day, an anniversary – Happy Anniversary! Celebrating the passing of time shared is such a blessing!




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