Ok, so I don't know if it is vacation brain or what but I'm totally incapable of writing a post tonight – so I'm going to share some links to some amazing things I think you will enjoy and a few things I just think everyone should be aware of:

For inspiration:

Today's Momastery post features the author, Glennon Melton's, inspiring Tedx talk – if you aren't familiar with Ted you probably will be before the night's over, because my first three links are Ted talks. It's an awesome reservoir of information – in any field of interest you may have. Talks are held all over the world where thought leaders come together to share their incredible ideas. A dream of mine would be to talk at a Ted talk one day…if only.

Glennon shares her thoughts on being vulnerable and real and true. God is working on me in this area – we will see…

To see things differently:

Another Ted talk I've been meaning to share is this one by Dan Pallotta. It turns the way I have evaluated charities on it's head. He makes some great points on why we must allow charities to function like businesses if they are going to be able to make really big differences.

Dan shares his experience with running a very successful charity and why it eventually failed.

For a new perspective:

Here is one that made the rounds – it's a talk on introversion and it is fabulous. Especially if you are raising an introvert or are one yourself (or both, like me:). Susan Cain has a book out now, 'Quiet' – amazing research.

I hope you enjoy. Have a great week!


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