Yep.  Last Friday was the BIG day – and we didn’t back out. I was pretty sure Grace would go through with it – but not nearly so confident in my fortitude.

Grace is four years old – just months away from five. She decided several months ago that she was ready to cut her hair. The sheer weight of it when wet, the tangles, it all just became too much. She wanted her hair cut.

So I sat her down and told her about Locks of Love. We went and looked at the web site and she decided that she definitely wanted to do that when she cut her hair. I boldly proclaimed her intentions on Facebook.

And I promptly chickened out. We needed to wait until after the holidays. I had JUST learned how to french braid….and on and on it went. Finally she started stating, every time I touched her hair, “Let’s get my hair cut, mommy.”

So, on a whim, I made the appointment for this past Friday. The question was – would I be able to do it?

You see we had NEVER cut her hair – I did finally take her in at about 18 months to get a token ‘first haircut’ but I wouldn’t really let our hairdresser cut anything off! (The first picture in the bottom four block is that first ‘haircut’)

This was more than a haircut, though. This was a declaration, for me and for Grace. It is so hard for women and girls in today’s market saturated world. If you pay attention to the ads and the messages all around us, our value is in our looks. For little girls, the message is to look older. For the 40+ crowd, the message flip-flops to look younger. Grace had part of her identity wrapped up in her hair – not just for her…but for me. I loved her hair. It made me happy. And the day that I realized how much it meant to me was the day I knew we would cut it.

God made us for so much more than pretty hair and trendy clothes. I want to make sure Grace knows that. After hearing from complete strangers how pretty her hair was – her whole life – I knew that cutting it would be a good thing. It’s another way of showing her that her value is internal and intrinsic. She is a child of God. She is heir to the kingdom of God – and her rights as an heir require her to develop a beautiful interior, not a beautiful exterior.

I urge you to click here. It’s an amazing story about a local teen who wanted to understand what it felt like to lose your hair to increase her empathy for childhood cancer victims – and in doing so, gave recognition to the Locks of Love program. Gracie and I watched her story and talked about how important it is to help people who need us. (I also had to assure her that we weren’t going to go quite so short ;))

This story was another tipping point – what an awesome opportunity to help Gracie help another little girl, with an amazing local role model. It’s hard to find ways for a four-year old to make a difference, but she did!

Friday arrived, and we were all just excited! I was excited for her and she was so ready. We went in and Elijah kicked it off with his 23rd haircut (approximate) and then Gracie got up in the chair – all smiles. When they finished the braid and we picked where to cut, we had 16 inches of beautiful baby blond hair to donate.

Erin, our amazing and sweet hairdresser, started cutting and when the braid was off the entire salon applauded! Gracie learned another great lesson from everyone there – doing good feels good!

You know, I thought I would be sad but I wasn’t – I was just excited. It’s exciting to raise humans. It’s such a privilege and a joy.

And I thought Gracie would be hesitant – but she wasn’t. I don’t know if she really understood the good she was doing – but I will remind her and one day, she will.

Life just keeps moving forward and it just keeps getting bigger and better and more. This life we share with one another – it is amazing.

Leave Grace your comments and I’ll make sure she hears them all!




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