Let's pray for all those littles who are back in school for Day Two. Day two, without all the excitement and anticipation of day one, was met with a little trepidation and fear by my littles. They did not bound out of the house today like yesterday. They clung a little, tried not to cry, and asked if they could just stay home today.

I sat them down on the living room floor and we talked about how new things are sometimes scary. I told them I was going to be doing something new tomorrow, and I was scared, too. I reminded them that we are almost always a little scared when we start something different. And then, I reminded us all that things are almost never how we fear. Once we try, we find that it's actually fun.

We talked about being brave and we remembered that the only time you ever get to be brave is when you are scared. Today, we agreed, was a great day for bravery.


By the time it was time to go, they were talking, giggling, and guessing about some of the fun things they might get to do today. They had found their little resolve, their brave hearts, and they were ready to go.

I called Daddy to see how it had went and there were no tears at the door. They each walked in, ready to face the day. Grace did remind her daddy, “I have to get in in time to go see Mrs. Woods.” Mrs. Woods was Grace's kindergarten teacher last year, and her class is right across the hall from Grace's new 1st grade class. We had to stop their yesterday, too. As a matter of fact the first thing Grace said when she woke up yesterday is, “I get to see Mrs. Woods today!” Thinking she had forgotten, I reminded her that Mrs. Kramer was her new teacher. She said, “I know, but I get to see Mrs. Woods before I go to class.” And we did. She pulled me into Mrs. Woods class yesterday and stood there until she was noticed. Mrs. Woods said, “Hi Grace! You're going to have such a great first day in 1st grade!” Grace quietly smiled, nodded her head, and then walked over to her class.

I suspect this morning was similar. Just a little touchstone of the familiar before facing the lesser known. A moment to remember that she had conquered this before, and she could again.

That is probably why we are encouraged to read a bit of scripture each day. Just a touchstone of the familiar that allows us to face the day.


What I did not tell those trusting little faces today, is that I also felt a little fearful about their second day. I didn't tell them that what I really wanted to say was, “Sure, you can stay home with me.” I also dug inside and found my bravery this morning to encourage them. And after they left I went and sat with my Abba, just as they had come to me. I ask him to protect them, encourage them, send sweet children and loving teachers into their lives. Help them to be helpers. Remind them of their bravery when I cannot.
And just like them, I left my touchstone encouraged, bolstered, and excited to face the day.





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