So, the big reveal. Here is how God finally got me to understand how hugely important the Spirit is. There was the age of God – creation, the fall, the time until…The age of Jesus – and the ultimate salvation….and now we live in the age of the Spirit. These three different periods of time are differentiated by how we access God. We started out as friends, then we were seperated, then we were reunited for a brief time in the flesh, and now we are deeply connected in the Spirit until God returns to take us back to the new creation. I kinda got that…kinda. But then a veil was lifted…

Ephesians 4:30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

We are marked by the Holy Spirit of God for the day of redemption. Sealed. A seal is to remain until it is delivered to the one for whom it was sealed. A seal is the mark of importance and insures the safety of the message. I am sealed by the Spirit of God.

I was listening to a sermon online and the teacher was talking about the old testament temple and the fact that the Jewish people had to go to the temple to worship and give sacrifice, but today we are the temple so we don’t have that distance between us. At first I just thought, “Yes, that’s right, that’s nice.” But then I thought – What does that really mean? What do I know about the temple? What does it mean to be a temple? How is being a temple now related to the Jewish temple’s of old?

If I think about the temple as it is discussed in the bible I remember a few things. One, there is a LOT of details in the bible about how things should be made for the temple….a lot of details. So much that I normally just skim those sections because I always kind of figured, unless I was getting ready to build it, it was really more than I needed to know, until now.

Suddenly I appreciated the meticulous nature of God’s instructions for his temple. I saw a foreshadowing in how I was to really think about my body as a temple. It means that I am a dwelling place for the Spirit of God. That is a big big deal. God is very precise about where He resides. It is important. The importance of the temple – the lives dedicated to it’s creation – the lives fought to protect it. The temple was important to God’s people because it was important to God.

Secondly – God takes the holiness of the temple very seriously. Defiling the temple in the old testament resulted in death. Just last year when I read the accounting of the young man who touched the ark and was killed immediately – I turned to Greg and said – that just doesn’t seem fair. I still don’t entirely understand it, but I think it is something like this. God and sin cannot co-exist in the same space. To enter into the Holy of Holies or to touch where God’s Spirit resides with something sinful results in death. At that time there was no redemption available as of yet – we were all unsealed sinners.

Thirdly – The splitting of the curtain when Jesus died. It was the final destruction of the old way of relating to God. At that moment our bodies were transformed into these potential temples.

As I thought through those three things it dawned on me – Jesus doesn’t live in my heart and the Spirit doesn’t just help me make good decisions.

Jesus is seated on the right hand of God, today, right now. Not in my heart.

The world started with God working on a relationship with us. Then it moved to Jesus sacrificing His life to redeem us. Today the Holy Spirit is available to provide a relationship with both God and Jesus.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t walk beside me or sit on my shoulder like Jiminy Cricket. When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior – the Holy Spirit indwelled my body. I was given the gift of the Holy Spirit. From my head to my toes and fingertip to fingertip – I am a temple to the Holy Spirit of the creater of All Things. The great I Am. Sealed for delivery to God.

And that is why everything I do can be an act of worship. That’s why the way I treat my children, my co-workers, the thoughts I have in the dead of night, the books I read, the movies I watch – all are acts of worship. I had heard that before but I thought of it more along the lines that God would be pleased with your activities when they were not sinful. I had not thought of it as the Spirit actively living my life within me. Seeing what I see, speaking what I speak, thinking what I think. Everything I do honors that Spirit within me.

Or it is a defilement, a revulsion.

The Spirit is in every breath you take, every thought, and every movement. When we do things outside the will of God – well, I haven’t quite figured out what happens. I do know that the thought of doing something that is sinful takes on a different feeling with this understanding of the Spirit.

The beautiful thing – what makes my heart sing – is the idea that I really can worship God all day every day without a hymnal. I’m not that great of a singer and there is alot to do when you are a mom, wife, daughter, friend, employee, etc etc etc. Non stop prayer and worship sounds wonderful but, until last week, totally unreasonable.

The understanding has made what was already, for me, a personal relationship and turned it into something more. Something more beautiful. Something more intimidating. Something more Awesome. We serve such an incredible and brilliant God.

So tell me – does this make sense to you? How do you think of the Holy Spirit?



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