Happy Mother’s Day to every woman out there – you are all mothering someone or something into being.  
We women are created with a nurturing and creative heart.  We are created in the image of God, and it is only together, men and women, that we fully contain the very essence of God’s character.  Women have always been revered for the gentle and caring qualities, but we also carry a fiercely protective character.  These characteristics are, hopefully, most apparent in our relationship to our children, but a woman does not need children to ignite these qualities.  She is created in the image of God as she is knit in her own mother’s womb and she will carry that image throughout her life in all of her relationships.

It is a fact that where women are educated and respected cultures thrive, because one cannot only acknowledge half of the image of God and expect to inherit the full kingdom of peace and joy.  Be it educating women in other countries, or acknowledging a woman’s ability to contribute here at home – in our churches, our schools, and our positions of leadership corporately – we honor God when we honor the women in our midst. 

Therefore – Happy Mother’s Day – to all women young and old.  The qualities that we celebrate today are qualities we all share in this incredible bond of womanhood.


Happy Mother’s Day to the women in my life.  Wanda, Linda, Debbie, Nita – God has seen fit to place incredible women beside my mother to lead me, teach me, and carry me when life is difficult.  I’m so thankful for each of you.

And then there is you Mom, the very first gift God gave me.  You are one of the kindest women I know.  Your ability to see someones unspoken need and then quietly fulfill it has been a lesson that I’ve been watching my entire life.  You are a constant learner and that is indescribable in it’s impact on my life and the lives of my children.  I am so thankful that you have always pursued your interests and developed new ones.  It was an unspoken lesson in curiosity and self care that I cherish.  I love your ability to laugh at yourself and your incredible witty humor that is both funny and kind.  You are a doer and your love is an active love that is demonstrated in the projects and activities that you so thoughtfully plan – first for your little ones and now for our little ones.   

Thank you for your unconditional love that held me up in the most challenging times of my life.  Knowing that you were always rooting for me was the one thing that led me to today.  It was your love, mom, that carried me through the hard times.  Even when I didn’t share with you or tried to protect you from my bad choices – it was still your love that saved me.  I know that women are created in the image of God because I have better understood God’s love for me because of your love for me.

I know now, as a mother, that it is a lifetime of ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’, but I also know that you need not carry a moment of regret.  Our God is a god of unity and completion and all things have led us to this moment which is steeped in a deep and abiding love and respect for one another.  I would not risk this time by changing one moment, not one decision.  God has held us in the palm of his hand and he has redeemed all things for this moment.  The days are long mom, but the years are short, and every long moment that passed in the blink of an eye was worth it.  I could not love you more.   

Happy Mother’s Day.



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