Introducing the 'Let's DO something' section of our blog!!!

This is our first official event. It is 'official' because we are calling it official – criteria is very high around here.

In early March a blog I follow called Momastery introduced her readers to Project Home Indy. This is an amazing organization that goes deep to impact the lives of teen mom's. They give these girls a home, therapy, childcare – real tools to make a real difference.

Click here to see the story the founder wrote to Momastery about their organization. It's powerful stuff.

My mom and I are making a roadtrip to Indianapolis next weekend, May 4/5, to attend a charity event for Project Home Indy. The author of Momastery will be speaking at the event – I am so excited!

We are also hoping to take a car full of stuff to these girls – or at least a nice list of things that have been sent! I am personally loading up all my DVD's and a ton of books – the girls need things to do and a call out on facebook asked for DVD's.

But they have lots of needs. That's where we will come in.

Click HERE to go to their website and see their Amazon wish list – there are all kinds of items, big and small. You can order right from Amazon and they will ship the stuff direct to Project Home Indy.

All I ask is you leave a little note saying that you are going to DO this with us. You don't have to list what you donated, it isn't about how much, it's about the DO! If you are like me this process of looking at poverty differently has been a hard road – and this is our reward. A moment to give to an organization that goes deep to resolve the full scope of needs, and a chance to be a part of a group that is really investing in the lives of these girls.

If you have movies or books to donate and you live in the Springfield or Crocker area you can leave a comment and we will arrange a way to pick them up before we leave.

Thank you so much! We will be looking at how to best get involved with organizations addressing poverty going forward in the series, but this is a little chance to stop talking and start Do'ing :).



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