I'm reading Hands Free MaMa by Rachel Macy Stafford- and it's going to be a game changer. The concept is simple – we need to pay more attention to our life if we want to have a joy-filled, strong life. Well, of course. But she uses stories from her own shortcomings to really open your eyes, gently and with love, to your own shortcomings. You never feel berated, just encouraged to do better.

I am a technology geek, big time. I read my bible and devotions on my ipad, all my books are on the ipad, I'm on social media on my phone or the ipad, and I have good 'ol solitaire on there for distraction when I don't have time to get into a book. I log all my exercise and eating (since the first of the year that is) on my phone or the ipad. I have a tendency to have my nose in a screen more than I should. I knew it, but I also felt like it was all really productive stuff. None the less, I knew I needed to change it and something about this book is helping me better appreciate the cost of distraction.

It will be a process – and I'm not totally sure how it will go, but so far, it is fantastic.

Just today, I've made a fort for the kids in the living room, they have had a great bubble bath in the big tub and Grace learned how to put her head under water – and I was there to see it! We had a distraction free lunch and went through our Table Topics for Kids and had the most interesting conversation because there is nothing like the answers a five year old and a three year old will give you to random questions. Without argument or cajoling, both kids ate their lunch as we talked. Then we shared some ice cream and finger painted together. It was one of the least productive and most rewarding weekend mornings I have had in a long time.

And it's all part of this quest to remember my identity. I want to be a mom that my kids cherish. I don't want to miss out on those smiles or be a mom that just gets things done. I don't want our relationship to center around discipline – although that obviously remains. By teaching them that I value them and they are worth my undivided attention, I hope to teach them to love other's with that same gift.

Part of my identity is – I'm a mom that cherishes my children and my children cherish me.

I think I'm going to love 2014.



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