By now many of you have seen a few Facebook posts about CAbi and I thought I would take the time tonight to explain a bit about what is going on. I've been asked if I'm changing jobs? No. I've been asked if I'm going to drive everyone crazy? No. Well, no more than usual. I've been asked what CAbi is exactly and why haven't we heard of it before? Beautiful clothes, and I've no idea. But those answers are short and incomplete. I'm going to try and elaborate a bit tonight.

A few months ago a friend from Indiana reached out to see if I might be interested in doing a little something on the side. My first reaction was: No – I haven't enough 'side' to do something on. But, I tempered that because I'm trying to say yes more often to new things. I figure I might get to the end of my life tired – but not lamenting all the times I said no. I realize this is different than what we are told to do – we are told to learn to say no and to not over-extend. I get that, I agree with that, but that is different than the no's I'm avoiding.

As women, we have to learn to say no to things that are just an obligation and are outside of our life plan. I support learning to say no and set boundaries and not be taken advantage of. That's all good things.

When I say I'm trying to stop saying no, I'm talking about those things I say no to because I'm not an expert. I'm going to stop saying no when my gut reaction is 'that's not me' or 'I could never do that'. I'm trying to learn to stop saying no based on self-imposed limits that I've never tested.

So when my friend asked If I would be interested in being a consultant for CAbi I gave her a firm… maybe. Progress! Then I did what I do – I researched the company, I looked into the business model, I asked her to come have a show at my house. And she did, because what's a nine hour drive between friends, right?

So she came, with 100+ pieces of clothing and gave us a New York Buyer-style mini fashion review of the line and then we got to try everything on. I'm the first to admit that I am not a shopper but this was actually fun! Everyone was trying stuff on and giving recommendations to one another – and most of the gals didn't even know each other before that night. The fun sold me. My maybe turned into a yes.

There are really three compelling reasons that I've decided to throw caution and fear to the wind and give this a try:

For starters, I need clothes and I know that quality clothes make me confident. After so many years of working from home, coupled with the creation of my two wonderful littles, my wardrobe has taken a beating. This was highlighted as I headed out to the CAbi training weekend in Denver – I felt so insecure. Carrying more weight than I would like and very little in my closet that would fit me, I almost decided to stay home and call it a big mistake. But I called some of my closest girlfriends and they encouraged me to keep driving to the airport. That evening I was able to go shopping and pick up some of the past season’s CAbi clothing. It was a great chance to see several years worth of design and after falling in love with just about every piece, I found something to wear the next day (and the next). The next morning I got ready, put on my new clothes, and I was amazed at how I felt. I appeared to have lost a few pounds and I felt like I could walk into the conference with confidence. Have you ever done that – put on a killer piece of clothing and felt like a new woman? So I realized that when CAbi says it's not about the clothes – they are right! It's about feeling confident and powerful.

The second point that attracted me is the social aspect of the sales model. I’ve worked from home since I moved back to Missouri. I love that I'm able to do so. I love the opportunities my company has given me, but it is isolating to move to a new area and not have exposure to people through work. So the opportunity to connect with a variety of women in a fun and social atmosphere was really compelling. There are many ways to connect with women, but not many that will open up the opportunity to connect with such a diverse range of women. I cannot explain how much I am looking forward to building a network of women from all ages and stages in life. I know that these relationships will begin in fashion, but expand to so much more.

And finally, the flexibility of the selling model and the structure of the business allows me to create a part time business that fits in with my full time career and family. CAbi has a saying: First things first. They truly believe that our families come first and they have built a company for women, by women to support that goal. I get to make this what I need it to be for me and my family.

So with Greg's support, I signed up and I'm really excited!

And petrified.

If I could ask something of you it is these three things – some of you can only do one and some might do all three – all are equally appreciated (#1 especially):

1. Please cover this in prayer. I truly feel like I’ve been led into this adventure. I’ve already met several women of incredible faith through this process and I believe that if I will be obedient, in spite of my fears, God will use this in some way I do not see right now.

2. Check out the clothes! A CAbi experience is a incredibly fun girls night. This is a great opportunity to just get familiar with the CAbi brand if you haven’t heard of us before (I had not), and getting to actually try the clothes on and get your girlfriends opinion is so much fun! I come with a rack of clothes with a wide range of sizes – every piece from the fall line is on the rack.

Bonus – the clothes are beautiful and really are for everyone. At the training event there were consultants from 25 to 65+, and they all were wearing CAbi, just put together in a variety of ways – and they all looked fabulous and on trend.

3. Reach out if this consultant thing sounds interesting. CAbi is expanding into area’s that they haven’t been in as much – and this is one of them. They limit the number of consultants within a zip code range and they will only open up a position if the area is not already covered. I met an incredibly diverse group of women at the training and some had been waiting for 2 years for a spot to open up in their area. I love that CAbi sets those limits.

If you want to check out the fall line go to! There is a link to watch the Fall Fashion Show that took place in Denver during the training – it was so much fun!


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