I’ve read a lot in the last few days about mother’s trying to protect their young ones from this new world that we live in.  One mom wrote a letter to all the teen girls posting sexy selfies that her teen son’s could see.  Such a fantastic message.  Unfortunately she was a little unforgiving in her post and she included pictures of her boys on the beach in their swim trunks.  A lot of people saw red when they read it and took umbrage with her approach.  (She has since changed the pictures based on the criticism received)

We do that, don’t we?  We look at something that is 80% good and focus on the 20% that didn’t quite hit the mark.  I agree with many of the comments and the issues that others pointed out, but I wonder why we tend to do so with such violent and cruel abandon.

The old saying was, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’  In today’s society we need to re-purpose that.  ‘If you can’t type something nice, don’t type anything at all.’  This is not to say that a constructive dialogue shouldn’t be had, but you can tell anyone almost anything with love and sensitivity.  As an example, I thought this response was very well done.

So I implore you, all of you, the entire world,  the next time you see red just take a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Realize that you do not know the intention, or the person, and give people the benefit of the doubt.


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