Some days I just can’t get all of my thoughts to settle in one place. This is not a very effective state to be in when attempting to write. I missed the last 2 weeks and I won’t be doing that again for awhile – I heard from almost every one of you! I was a little amazed that anyone even noticed but it certainly made me feel much more accountable to my weekly schedule – that is for certain.

Perhaps I can manage a top ten list for February (in random order):

1. Sewing is hard.

I did manage to thread the machine this month (ok it actually happened in March but I’m counting it for February due to honest intent). The problems started when I went to cut my fabric for the first project. I learned I have a mental deficiency concerning cutting things into a square. With the help of some friends I think I have some idea how to do it now, but I became frustrated so quickly that I’ll have to really gear up for the next go at it.

2. I am no longer attempting to change old habits concerning my health.

I am now a bona fide healthy person. I’ve taken three trips and lost weight on every one of them – that is a gold star accomplishment! (wink Lisa – gold stars!) Not only that but I worked out… in a hotel gym! I am addicted to exercise – I crave it.
I am at that annoying stage of the process where I’m just so amazed that I’ve actually made such a radical change, I can’t seem to talk of anything else. If everyone knew that I only voiced 10% of my thoughts on the matter they may cry. But I mean seriously, the change is just night and day. I want to exercise, I feel great, I have energy. I wish I could start a clinic to encourage everyone to do this. I am literally adding years to my health – that is miraculous.

3. My baby is two years old.

Mr. E turned two and that means that I’ve been a mom of two for two years – amazing. The second is so much different, a boy is so much different. E is just…joy and passion. He is high energy, to much courage, and funny. He loves to laugh and be silly and he loves to snuggle. My family has been whole now for two years. It was a crooked path to paradise but I have arrived.

4. I really love work.

We are at a challenging and exciting time in our business and industry and it is so exciting to be a part of change. It is also terrifying and intimidating, but mostly exciting and invigorating. I get to work with some really amazing people and even though I work remotely I feel like a part of the team and that is a blessing. I cannot express my gratitude regarding my employer and my teammates – it is just truly a blessing.

5. Gratitude is my goal attitude.

I am so thankful for my life. My husband, kids, job, family, friends – I just have an over abundance of ooey gooey goodness in my life. Because it was such a crooked path to today though, I am hyper aware of the blessings.

6. Sometimes a list of ten things seems like a lot of things

🙂 This post is falling apart…

See, I go out to write because writing in a house with two toddlers is just not going to happen. The problem is the performance pressure – I go out, I have a certain amount of time, and sometimes it just flows – like the last post, but sometimes my brain just runs around in circles, like tonight. That was a very long and wrong sentence.

What I really want to write about is the pain and confusion around aging parents. My friends and I have parents with a variety of health issues and it is scary and sad. Some have even lost their parents.

But, I am not ready to write about that. Not honestly and if I’m going to take time away to write I at least want it to be honest. The problem is my heart knows what it wants to talk about but my brain is just not ready. Or maybe my brain knows but my heart can’t handle it…either way, it isn’t happening tonight.

How about this – if you are blessed to still have your parents, or if you are an aging parent, take some time over the next week to love one another. Write your parents and tell them why, in detail, you appreciate about them. Write your kids and make sure they know you are proud of them – with details. Don’t assume they know, don’t assume you have time. Now is the only time we are guaranteed. Try to make life easier for one another. Try to appreciate what the other is feeling. Remember that everyone is just doing the best they can and life is to short to take one another for granted. A handwritten note would be treasured. No advice, no requests – just a note of love.

Maybe your estranged – I encourage you to try to mend the relationship. Every situation needs a hero. No disagreement is resolved without someone willing to compromise, forgive, understand. I know there are things that seem insurmountable and maybe your situation is one of them. I pray then that you will find peace and a miracle.

Much love.



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