I think my brain is frozen. My will is frozen. My ability to effect change in my life is frozen. Even my little dog is frozen.

I have never, ever, been so sick and tired of winter in my ever, loving, life. Ever. Seriously. I am totally serious.

And I work for a company in the south – where it will be in the 50's all week and they will think THAT is cold. I could go live there you know….like today.

42 days til Spring, 42 days til Spring, 42 days til Spring.

Greg said he thought it was my thyroid. Maybe. My thyroid died and one of its jobs is to regulate my temperature and give me energy. While I take medication to synthetically replace what it does, I seriously doubt the medical community has it all figured out. They are practicing medicine you know. Oh, to find a Thyriod doctor that has mastered medicine. But alas….I'm freezing and lethargic.

(Disclaimer, I think my thyroid doctor is awesome. I'm just really tired, and really cold, and those are two things my thyroid would help me out with if it were still with us, so I complain. It's probably an endearing trait of mine, but Greg hasn't mentioned it as one.)

So, to recap, I'm cold and I'm tired.

AND the kids are really confused with all this snow and cancelled school. They (read I) really like structure and schedules. While it is true that they have never once, in the five million snow days that we have endured enjoyed together, claimed that their issue is a lack of structure and schedule – I know. When they are pulling each other's hair out and sneaking candy under the kitchen table like stark raving lunatics – I know. When they are screaming because the other one is breathing on them – I know. What they are really saying is, “How are we EVER GOING TO LEARN? We need to be in school more than two days in a row to remember anything. What is happening to my education?!?!”

But I don't answer, because I'm cold and weary…

That 42 days til Spring thing was not helpful. That's forever! There are some animals that can make a whole 'nother group of animals in less than 42 days. Between now and spring a mouse family could have two litters, done and done!

I'm cold.

I really pray that God will remind me of this day in the spring when it is beautiful and the temperature is perfect and I sit inside my house and do something totally stupid like reading. I hope that a divine cattle prod goads me outside and that I take a nice long walk with Greg and the littles. Sure, the littles will still be pushing, and shoving, and complaining, and what-not, but sound disperses so much better outdoors than in not-solitary-enough confinement our home.


How are you all enjoying this fine season? (If you love it, and you wish it would never end, don't tell me that. I can't handle it.)


A little throwback of the Littles :), 2 years and lottsa hair ago…

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