Sometimes I am really satisfied with my progress in photography.
Sometimes I see another fantastic photographer and I consider selling my gear.
Sometimes I'm really satisfied with my writing.
Sometimes I read what someone else writes and I am so profoundly moved that I promise to never write again.
Sometimes I am exactly the mom, wife, and friend I hope to be.
Sometimes I wonder why anyone spends a moment of time with me.
At all times I am working to remember
every beautiful image,
every moving piece written,
every touching engagement with someone,
is a victory.
And they are not all my personal victories.
And this does not diminish me.
Another's talent increases me, and any feeling other than that increase is a lie.
Comparison is death – no matter what side you come out on.
The world needs your contribution.
No limits. No comparisons. I root for your victory.
Your victory raises us all – and your victory is in the effort.
Never stop.





Thrown in reverse.

My heart reels,
My mind beats fast.
Is this pain advancing from my future –
Or retreating from my past?

Thrown in reverse,
I go forward full force.
Making all my decisions,
Only when I lack choice.

Now down is up,
and up is down
What can I grasp hold –
to insure I don’t drown.

Drowning on land,
unable to breathe.
How do I find this damned spot
each time that I leave.

Crying out, without a sound –
It’s a rightening deep within.
I finally see, this hole is Need.
Truth revealed, planting of seed.

Then the painful sprouting
begins to take place.
Bursting out with the pain and
struggle of our collective human race.

One last epic fight
a struggle of the mind.
An interminable length –
a forever fight of all time.

Victory is found and with it comes
The struggle is over…
I fight now for me.

19. May 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: Poetry

Time stopped for a moment
Not really, but really, it stopped
just for a moment.

All the world was without oxygen
just for a moment
And no one felt it but me.

Bad news, I have some
“bad news”.
So benign,
Except when it’s not, not at all.

Bad news can restart a life
before…and after.
Not benign.

Thoughts become staccato.
Time loses it’s fluidness.
Easy things stop being easy.

Until one day the bubble
fades away.
And the newness is now

This new life.
With it’s moving time and all it’s oxygen.
Except somewhere, for someone…
time stops for a moment.


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