I am making a new commitment to stop telling people that I’ve been busy, that I have a busy week ahead, that life is too busy.  I’m tired of being so busy and I’m not going to be anymore but I’m going to continue to do everything I’ve been doing that have made me so busy in the past.

Now, you may be thinking that one can’t just decide to not be busy but keep doing the same things they were doing when they were busy – but you can.  I’ve realized that when I sigh and tell people I’m busy it makes me feel like I’m out of control, my life is running me over, and I’m not spending it doing what I would like to do.  Actually, upon a closer look, I’m ‘busy’ doing the things I want to do.  I’m busy living the full, rich, wonderful life that I used to dream of when I was single and living far from family.

So, I’m not busy anymore, I’m just blessed.


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