My Peeps and Me I'm a grateful child of God who lived a life I'm not proud of for a lot of years. From the outside, I always have appeared to have it fairly together, but on the inside I was broken and sad and afraid. Although I have always gone to church, I never met God until about ten years ago - and He healed me. He made me happy. And, He helped me to stop being afraid. I live a life I am proud of today - but it is a pride born of true humility. I would not be in this place of grace today, with this incredible husband and two beautiful children if it were not for the abundant and amazing grace of God. I don't just believe this - I know this. Part of my healing - it is a process - is this need to document my inside thoughts. This need to be known wholly. The doubts and the fears and the good stuff, too. As I grow, I learn that none of these inside thoughts tends to stay the same from day to day - except for the knowledge of to whom I belong. I am always seeking and learning. Thanks for checking in - Julie

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