A quiet house can let you find yourself and realize that somehow the noise of life has conspired to make you blind to who you are.

A quiet house can welcome the Spirit of God into your presence and remind you that you are more than hunger, dirty dishes, and routine.

A quiet house expands to allow for big thoughts, long range dreams, and soft sighs.

In the quiet I can hear the movements of my other half and be thankful for this life.

The other day we were looking back at pictures of our land before we built out house. And it was a small hill. Just one small, nondescript hill. A hill that had sat here for year after year with no story. I was once again struck by how much life now takes place on that one, nondescript hill.

A piece of land is just a piece of land until you make a home on it. And then it becomes the place where you brought your baby daughter and son home. The space where you comfort the aches away and love and live. Suddenly what once was just a plot of dirt becomes the set of your entire life. This is where we dream and work and laugh and cry. This is our home.

And it has never been this quiet.

A quiet house reminds you that your life is not busy, it is full. And those are two radically different things.

A quiet house allows you room to become.

I fall far short of the person I believe I was created to be. I am not yet brave enough with my brokenness to allow you to see how wonderfully God shines through these cracks. I am far to often too selfish and too critical – of myself and of others. I feel a little bit too much for comfort and I'm far to sensitive to survive. But I have been blessed with this family and they buffer me against a world that is too much. They are an anchor to a heart that is overly wild and rambunctious.

I know that I have constrained parts of me that my Creator wants to run free. I know that I've allowed life to pull a veil over my eyes and blind me to the amazing reality that life can actually be. I know that knowing this is the most recent gift in a series of amazing gifts.

We are made to love on another. We are connected by the same desires to be in relationship with one another, to create, and to help. We all have access to this common spirit of goodness and love.

I try not to complain that this world is broken because it is not. This world just needs a group of people to turn the volume down and look up. The world is waiting for more eye contact and less rhetoric. This world is waiting on us to remember that we are not politics and we are not what the media says we are. We are far more. The world is waiting on us to wake up.

My prayer is for more love and less arguments. Amen.


I continue to research and learn about poverty. Fall will soon return and so shall we to that topic. I've also continued to find ways that I can have an impact personally. That's what it all comes down to really. All of us doing our part, like Jesus said.

I don't know when I will get this kind of quiet again, so I'm going to try and take advantage of it. What a gift. May you have a moment this week when the noise fades away and you can remember what makes your heart beat. Amen/Let it be so.


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