I like to write about things that make my head hurt:)  That typically means we are talking about pretty heavy stuff.  So ‘On the Lighter Side…’ posts will be a little more light-hearted and silly things.  There are links both at the top of the blog and to the left that will take you to the series on poverty posts.

Ran across this picture yesterday and it reminded me of the machine gathering dust in the corner….

In October 2011 I hand-made my children’s Halloween costumes.  This was an AMAZING feat.  I do not sew and I come from a short line (both physical and metaphorical *love you mom!*) of women who do not sew.  But sew I did, by hand no less.

IMG_0054   After this miraculous feat I promptly told my mom I wanted a sewing machine for Christmas.  This was kind of like asking a teetotaler for a case of whiskey.  She obliged, all the while believing no good could come of it.  I promptly went to Pinterest and began pinning a million amazing things that I would create once I had access to one of those electronic sewing devices!  Dreams were made, people.

I got a sewing machine for Christmas in 2011.

I’ve not touched it.  It frightens me.  No good can come of it.


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