This Sunday is the launch of The Chapel!! I wrote about Greg and I getting involved with this new start up here. I'm really happy with the slow pace that our leader, Noble, has taken in starting the church. The first thought was to start in the spring but it was decided to wait, build the team, clarify the vision, and then launch this fall. And here we are!

I think what excites me the most about this new church is that we aren't trying to grow super fast. We aren't spending a lot of money trying to get people to leave their current church and come to ours because it is so much 'better'. We are just trying to create a space where people who are 'spiritual but not religious' or who 'believe in God but not in the modern church' can come and maybe plug in to what I believe Jesus had in mind all along.

You see, I think church should be a place where we come together to worship a loving and mighty God. Church should be a place that challenges your thinking and exposes to your mind those dark places of your heart that keep you from being exactly who God intended you to be. Church should be a place where you meet people who are broken and hurting. Church should be a place where you run to when you find yourself broken and hurting. Church should build people up to go out in the world and demonstrate the loving heart of God. If you are thinking, “YES! That's exactly what my church is!” That is great! Keep doing what you're doing. If you are thinking, “Yes! That would be awesome if it were real.” Come check us out and give it another shot.

High challenge – that is what we have talked about – an environment that pushes your limits and challenges you to do more with your life. Serve more, engage more, be more. I already feel tremendous pressure to find a call that I can respond to. Perhaps that is a food pantry, maybe it's domestic violence, reading to the blind, helping our school – I don't know. But because I go to The Chapel I know that I need to figure it out. We want to be known by how we impact the community. I don't really mean corporately either. Although we may have corporate outreach type of programs, the challenge that I have been hearing is a personal one.

What am I doing to help someone that is in a challenging place today?

How am I using my passion and talents to love other people?

Where is my accountability to do for others as I would want done to me?

How am I being an ambassador for what I believe is the most life transforming relationship that exists?

I can't wait to see where God takes this vision. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

SO, if you live in the greater Springfield, Missouri area and you are currently not attending a church because you feel like the church just doesn't 'get it' – we invite you to come join us as we try to remind one another what 'it' is and challenge one another to get it, serve it, be it.

The world needs more people living a life that Jesus would love.

We meet at the Classic Rock Coffee Shop, 1900 W Sunset St, Springfield MO. We meet at 10:30, Sunday mornings and we have a pretty cool kids area (currently using Jump Mania – my kids are big fans:).

I asked in February for your prayers and I believe that those of you who prayed were heard and this summer has resulted in some great preparation time. Please continue to pray! Pray for our leader, Noble. Pray for the core group that has been anxiously awaiting this launch. Pray for those people we are hoping to reach!

Thank you!


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